We know good ideas when we see them

We're Goint to Make This Real Easy

The mediums have changed, but your customers still respond to time-tested design axioms built to persuade and develop brand afinities. The difference is now we build simple, automated systems that make communicating with them look as if you’re not even at the office … which you might not be.


A Horizon Advertising client, The Jekyll Island Mosaic, was awarded a grant by the Woodruff Foundation $750,000, to complete its ambitious renovation of its museum.

It’s Not The Notes You Play

It’s the Notes You Don’t Play

– Miles Davis


The shiny baubel and culmination of varying degrees of lifecycle madness. As the kids say,
“It’s All Good.”

A Holistic Approach …

To Hosting – & Loving – Your Site

Content Creation

Working together we broadcast your message using tools that make a couple of clicks reach millions of people.


Let us help you get in front of those taste-makers who shape and influence, well quite frankly, influence. It works.

Site Optimization

By fueling your site with valuable content and checking for potential pain points in its code, we make happy with all search engines.

Secure Your Info

If you have information, errrr, scratch that. If you have other people’s information stored on your site host your assets on our PCI compliant, secure hosting environment.

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